Centralized + Decentralized = Hybrid Exchange Stoxum

Stoxum is a cryptocurrency exchange which aim is to revolutionize the cryptomarket. On the 10th of May, its first token pre-sale launches, that’s why, some more details about Stoxum.
This is an exchange that is going to provide the clients an option to create their own cryptoexchanges in their own sites. All projects will be located in the same system and have the same liquidity base. Hence, all users will have access to all active orders within the system. Every platform will work for the own profit, but the more success each single platform has, the more profit gets the entire system. Hence, everybody is interested in earning.
The platform owners will be able to register their services officially and get licenses, all within the same ecosystem. This is incredible flexibility, limited to the ecosystem. The system is organized in a way to provide everybody options and to motivate everybody to earn.
Each token holder will get dividends from the profit received within the system, which is an incredible privilege: we can expect, that Stoxum will gain incredible popularity within a record short period of time. At least, there are indicators that this project is going to be a success.

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