CEO of Mt. Gox Marc Carpeles Can Get More than $ 800 Million after He Settles with the Exchange’s Creditors

The largest stock market Bitcoin Mt. Gox went bankrupt in 2014. Mark Karpeles appeared before the court in July this year and stated that he was not guilty of money laundering and embezzlement, despite the fact that his direct involvement in the loss of a million bitcoins, which at the time was estimated at $ 400 million, is hardly in doubt.
Over the past 3 years, the bitcoin rate has grown from $ 400 to $ 7000, that is, 17 times. During the investigation of bankruptcy Mt. Gox was found 200,000 bitcoins, which must be paid to the lenders of the exchange. To date, they are on the account of the company owned by Carpeles.
Now this may seem very strange, but at the beginning of the liquidation process of Mt. Gox lenders have requested payment not in bitcoins, but in Japanese yen. Accordingly, after the payment of all the funds that are due to them, the remaining money will belong to none other than Carpeles.
“When it’s all sorted out, Karpeles would pretty much get [the] vast majority” of the extra value, Kolin Burges told the WSJ, a creditor who held 311 bitcoins at Mt. Gox. “So that seems incredibly unfair.”
Burges and other creditors Mt. Gox will receive their money at the rate of 2014, that is, about $ 400 for 1 bitcoin. Accordingly, instead of $ 2.1 million for 311 bitcoins, Burgess will receive only $ 130,000.
“In the case these are sold, I do not believe it would realistically fetch any kind of value high enough to make this an actual issue,” told Karpeles, denying any wrongdoing in regards to the Mt. Gox case and the theft of user funds.
According to WSJ, 88% of Mt. Gox belongs to the company Tibanne, registered in Carpeles. After calculating the claims of creditors, the liquidation balance will be $ 977 million. Of these, 88%, that is $ 859 million, will belong to Carpeles, through which the users of Mt. Gox lost about $ 7 billion at today’s rate of bitcoin.

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