Chile Court of Appeals: Green Light for Crypto

Chile Court of Appeals made a decision in the favor of cryptoexchange Orion. Now, the state owned bank Estato should renew the company`s account servicing. The court ahs accepted the appeal filed in by Orion crypto-exchange.

The claim was raised against the bank Estado, which closed the company`s account. At that time, the main justification was the cryptocurrency regulation and compliance with it.

Now, the Court of Appeals has ordered the bank to reopen the account and called its actions illegal, those, that breach the Political Constitution of the Republic, which tells about the right equality before law.

In April, similar decisions were taken by Chile antimonopoly court. It was made in favor of cryptocurrency exchange Buda, which accounts were closed by banks Estado and Itau Corpbanca. Later, the president of Central Bank of Chile, Mario Marcel, announced, that they are developing an infrastructure for cryptocurrency.

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