China Is Supporting the Blockchain Technology with Investments in Millions of USD

The Blockchain Industrial Park has announced support options for the blockchain based startups. Those subsidies will equal millions of dollars and are intended to give a support to the blockchain based startups in order to develop this technology. As well, one of the target is to attract talents in this field.
Those specialists who are qualified in the blockchain, are offered highly paid positions and relocation support, as well as governmental grants up to 500,000 USD, depending on the degree and the qualification of the candidate.
Startup companies get grants as well, the sum depends on the project value and size. But in general, the rent assistance is up to 230,000USD, then, comes support for research and development at the early stages of work, the sum is up to 1 mln USD. However, the sums are not fixed, for example, promising projects can get twice the sum.
However, the funding is announced, but specific criteria haven’t been defined yet.
China is still very strict to cryptocurrencies, however, for the blockchain, all conditions are created and all possible support is provided.

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