CNBC’s Ran Neuner: “Bitcoin Is About to Explode”

Ran Neuner, who is a cryptocurrency analyst and a host of CNBC show, told, that the bitcoin price is about to explode.

He is almost confident in the bitcoin surge in price. And he has some proof information that it might happen. There will be the decision of the U.S. security and Exchange Commission about some apps of the Bitcoin-Traded Funds, and that decision might cause the bitcoin price rally.

For example, previous year, he also predicted a bitcoin price rally, after the launch of cash settlement of bitcoin futures contacts. At that time, bitcoin price jumped from 6,691 USD to 20,000 USD just within a couple of months.

Then, on the 11th of December previous year, the Chicago Board Option Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange were be able to launch bitcoin futures. And on the 17th of December, one bitcoin was worth 20,000 USD.

Now, Neuner is making a parallel with the SEC anticipated decision about the first bitcoin ETFs, that they will be approved by the regulator. And specialists confirm, that this one will be a bigger deal than the previous one, with the futures. This deal will require to purchase the actual bitcoins, that’s why.

Then, for the bitcoin, it will be more important, as well, because it will get more investors. And this, in turn, will push Wall Street dealers to recognize bitcoin.



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