Coinbase: Five Prospective Coins May Be Accepted

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announces the prospective coins that can be accepted in the nearest future. According to the announcement, five more coins are going to be added soon.

Among the coins that are to be added are Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, 0x. But the exchange still needs to negotiate with the regulator about accepting these currencies.

In June, the exchange has already announced, that it is going to support Ethereum Classic, and after the announcement the Ethereum classic price surged. Now, Coinbase claims, that the process of adding Ethereum Classic is going as planned.

However, the procedure with the new currencies is going to be even more complicated. Ethereum classic is associated with Ethereum, so, there aren’t so many procedures required. However, new coins shall be checked and added to all institutions, and this is going to take much more time.

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