Coinbase Is Exploring the Options of Adding 37 More Currencies

Coinbase has announced recently, that it is checking the options for adding 37 more assets. In the official post, coinbase representatives explain, that the crypto for now will be added for storage only, and the Coinbase is going to add them as fast as possible and to make the transfers as safe as possible.

For now, the platform doesn’t plan to use assets for trading. Among the assets that are offered for storage, you can find even some famous, such as Ripple, Monero, VeChain, Cardano, Bitcoin Gold, Telegram.

Moreover, the assets are being added to the Coinbase Custody only, and this doesn’t mean that they will be used for trading later. Before adding the assets to trading options, they should pass the Digital Assets Framework.

For now, the platform cannot commit to when and if the assets are added to trading options later, but for now, the process has been started. So, the customers might see APIs of the new assets and other new options, that are the evidence, that the process has been started already.

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