Coinbase Pro Adds Support for XRP

Coinbase Pro is a professional crypto-trading platform as well as a wallet service of Coinbase. Now, Coinbase Pro offers support for XPR, the Ripple token. This announcement was made in the Coinbase blog-post on the 25th of February.
Now, Coinbase Pro will accept deposits in XRP and then, it will enable the full trading options with the token. As the representatives of the platform insist, they have to establish liquidity first, after that, the XRP trading will be possible. Now, the platform opens trading pairs in USD, Euro and Bitcoin.
For now, trading with XRP will be available for citizens of the USA, the EU, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. It is possible, that in future Coinbase will open trading for the citizens of some other countries.
For now, there are four stages through which XRP trading should pass. “Transfer-only” is the first stage, then, “Post-only” follows, then “Limit-only” and, finally, the “Full trading stage”.
Just during less than half of year, Coinbase has significantly expanded its catalogue of accepted crypto-currencies. Just among the recently accepted ones one can note Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, the Basic Attention Token, Zcash. Now, they are supported both by the platform and by its mobile app.
XRP has been awaited by the community rather long, and it was a logical step from Coinbase.

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