CoinGate a Major Crypto Processor Starts Supporting Ripple`s XRP

Cryptocurrency payment processor CoinGate will support the native token of Ripple XRP, to enable it for payments for goods. The company announced about it on the 1st February 2019.
Now, XRP owners can use the tokens in more than 4,500 online ships, as the firm announces. The firm is offering the first native XRP payment processing service. It is expected, that this is going to boost the token utility and to increase its price.
For now, the company provides the payments in Euros, bitcoins, Ethereum, and now, even XRP.
Reminder: in July 2018 CoinGate has launched a pilot program for about 100 merchants to test transactions in bitcoin within its Lightning Network. And now, a merchant provider Aliant Payments has launched its new offer of free crypto-transactions processing to some of the merchants.

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