Comcast`s Venture Capital – Bulls Are Ruling the Bitcoin and Blockchain Market!

Gil Beyda, the managing director of Venture Capital, an arm of Comcast, announced about their bullish outlook on bitcoin and real-world applications of the blockchain technology.
The company has already made investments in the blockchain startups and four of the main partners of the firm are focused exclusively on the blockchain investments. Beyda accentuates, that cryptocurrencies could be of great help to underdeveloped economies or economies that are in the crisis condition. Unbanked populations have a unique opportunity to skip the banking sector and to move immediately to financial community without banks, to cryptocommunity.
Regarding the real-world applications of blockchain, the main such application shall be the elimination of electoral fraudster. Though, Beyda accentuated, that the blockchain is still waiting for that major app to change the world. For now, people don’t have any idea of how far it can lead them, and to which extend the blockchain can change the future of the financial world and of the world in general.

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