The cost of Bitcoin Gold collapsed by 62% on the first trading day

The price of Bitcoin Gold collapsed by 62% at the end of the first trading day, despite the fact that the exchanges did not open access to deposits.
At the time of launch, Bitcoin Gold has the same blockage history as bitcoin. Bitcoin Gold developers left the main network on Tuesday morning at block 491.407,
“stalling” bitcoin user balances that they will receive on their Bitcoin Gold account.
At the same time, the developers have created about 100,000 coins, which, they declare, will be used to support the growth of the ecosystem of the new coin.

Although Bitcoin Gold network was not officially launched, several large exchanges, including Bitfinex and HitBTC, have already credited their users with a similar
number of coins, although now they do not allow replenishing or withdrawing funds until the network reaches stability.

When the order registration was opened, the value of Bitcoin gold fluctuated around $ 500.
During the next 16 hours, the price of the new coin decreased by about $ 100, at 15:30 it fell to $ 275 and continued to fall, at the moment it stabilized between $ 140 and $ 150.
At the moment, the price of BTG is at $ 144, so in 24 hours the coin collapsed by 62%.
Although access to trading was limited, the volume for 24 hours was $ 24 million, which led to the coin in the TOP15 most traded crypto currency.
The bulk of the trades took place at Bitfinex and HitBTC.

Is it a Fool’s Gold?

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