Crimean Government Is about to Launch a Crypto-Fund

Crimean government is in search for solutions of the situation in which the land found itself after it has become a part of Russian Federation. Crimean authorities are considering creating a cryptocurrency fund, the main purpose of which will be attracting foreign customers and avoiding sanctions.
Georgy Muradov, the Crimean Deputy Prime Minister, believes, that there are ways to avoid sanctions and to improve the economy of the region. One of such ways is to create a fund, which will accumulate funds in cryptocurrency and give an opportunity to transfer them into real money. The only condition is that this money should be used for project realization in Crimea.
This offer will be discussed during the Fourth Yalta International Economic Forum “The Future of the World. The Future of Russia”. Though, the project seems to be difficult to implement. Russian authorities have already blocked the crypto-community favouring messenger app Telegram and more than 20 mln IP addresses, so, we can conclude that cryptocurrency projects in Russia may not have the future Georgy Muradov is expecting.

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