Crypto Guru Ronnie Moas – Opinion

Ronnie Moas was the analysts and the investor who has forecasted the bitcoin price movement with the highest level of accuracy. He is investing in many things, though he isn’t a billionaire, or isn’t a billionaire for now at least.
Though he has given the most accurate forecasts about fortune making investments over the last 50 years, he tells that there is nothing more boring than being in a room filled in with the richest people, neither being one of them.
He doesn’t like how billionaires behave, how they live and them in general, while other people are starving in different parts of the world.
Moas himself has helped many people with his charity activities. He was born in New York, but then he with his family went to the birthplace Israel, where he started his education, but had to interrupt it to serve in the army. Then, he came back to New York to complete his education. After that, he started working in investing field and used to give the most accurate forecasts about investments.
He has been developing his own forecast models, which were always valid. He has been communicating with the richest people of the world, though he has always been in charity. He devoted lost of his time, resources and energy for different charity organizations.
He isn’t a workaholic though. He has a dedicated team that is able to deliver accurate forecasts on daily basis, but he himself enjoys traveling and music, those are his passions.

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