We Are Against Crypto – Polish Bank Secretly Supports Anti-Crypto Propaganda

Cryptocurrency is posing a serious danger to the banking system in the whole world. Banks understand that, but they cannot deny the advantages of cryptocurrency. What to do in such circumstances?
The Central Bank of Poland knows the solution! Act secretly – this can be their motto. If you cannot defeat the enemy in an open fight and don’t want to turn the enemy into a friend, act secretly.
The Central Bank of Poland has admitted, that they were secretly supporting anti-crypto campaign in Youtube. The campaign was performed with the Polish Youtube partner network, Google Ireland Limited, Facebook Ireland Limited. The Central Bank has invested about 27,000USD in creating anti-crypto content and its translation in Youtube.
The campaign is very well planned. In all posts, there is a hashtag for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The content is represented as real-life situations where the characters cannot pay with their crypto-coins and end up without money and in shame.
This campaign started with the launch of the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela. Poland isn’t as optimistic about the future of cryptocoins though.

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