Cryptocurrency and Cash – Legal Aspects

Bill Gates has already lost a good number of his fans, when he claimed, that he doesn’t see good reasons to use bitcoin. He stated, that bitcoin is used mostly for buying drugs and other illegal items, and that is why, he was heavily criticized.

He was right, as the bitcoin was really used very often to buy illegal things, like drugs, weapons and similar, but all that was due to the existence of dark web marketplace, and the bitcoin in itself wasn’t guilty for that.

Now though, when the bitcoin is being adapted by most markets and legalized accordingly, its role has changed. With the cryptocurrency legalization and regulation, cryptocurrency market has become more transparent and legal. Now, the cryptocurrency market cap is growing, transactions are becoming safer and more controlled in legal sense.

For now, cryptocurrency is used for both legal and illegal activities and purchases, but with the regulation introduction its application is turning more to legal side.

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