Cryptocurrency Debit Cards are Becoming More Popular

A debit card is a rather traditional thing, which is so common that using it is a part of everyday life, and a person who does not have it is considered rather strange than normal.

But what about crypto debit cards? Would you like to have one?

Just some years ago this idea would have been rather strange, while now more and more businesses are accepting cryptocurrency, hence, crypto debit cards are growing in popularity as well. For now though the application of usual debit cards for payments in cryptocurrency poses serious problems, as the fees for transactions are very high, comparing to traditional transactions, the point-to-sale network is still very unsecure, and the field is still a target for many frauds. It causes serious problems and costs annually to banks and customers more than 16 bln of US dollars. That is why, the topic of crypto cards is rather actual nowadays. Moreover, many traditional processors, like Visa, for example, are already working with cryptocurrency, even though the process is very complicated. This gives a solution though: if crypto debit cards will be processed by the existing processors, like Visa, for example, that would be much simpler.

Anyway, as the trend indicates already, crypto cards can easily enter the market and become a good alternative or an addition to traditional debit cards. With the popularity of cryptocurrency, crypto debit cards will become rather needed, moreover, there are many businesses that already accept payments in cryptocurrency, hence, why then not payments with a crypto prepaid card?



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