Cryptocurrency Exchanges Volumes: Do You Know That Most of Them Are Fake?

Sylvain Ribs, a cryptocurrency trader, has made a quick study on cryptocurrency exchanges, the results are shocking!
First of all, what do you pay attention when you select a cryptocurrency exchange for your operations? Yes, volume is not the last factor that would influence your decision! The bigger the volume is, the better it is for a trader. But the study made by Sylvain shows, that most volumes data are fake for most cryptoexchanges!
He used the method that is known as slippage. This method allows testing the liquidity of an exchange. You sell a part of asset worth 50,000 USD in different exchanges and check if that influences the asset price in that exchange. After selling cryptocurrency for this sum, Sylvain measured how much it influenced the cryptocurrency rate in that exchange. It appeared that only Kraken and GDAX can handle sufficient volumes without losing in asset value.
Other than that, even the major cryptocurrency exchanges with millions of users worldwide don’t have enough volume to handle that sum of transaction without losses in value for the asset.

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