Cryptocurrency Market Is Dropping

Sunday, the 25th of February. The cryptocurrency market is dropping. Though, the drop isn’t significant: none of the coins decreased in price for more than 5%.
Litecoin and IOTA are the only currencies that have grown. Litecoin has grown for 2.8%, now it is traded for 208.53USD. IOTA grew in price even higher, for more than 5%.
Those are the only good news from cryptomarket. Bitcoin, the most expensive and the most popular cryptocurrency, dropped again till 10,000USD. Previous week its price was reaching even 12,000USD, so, the drop is rather significant.
Ethereum decreased in price for about 1.23%, now it is traded for 827.65USD per coin.
The total market cap now is about 420 bln USD, which is 80 bln lower than the total market cap for the previous week.

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