Cryptocurrency Regulation on Global Level

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular with every passing day. With each advancement, governments, people, regulators, etc. are realizing the importance of digital currency in all walks of financial sector. While in 2008 cryptocurrency just was introduced, nowadays it is heading to mass use and mass acknowledgement.

Though, still there are regions where cryptocurrency is more welcomed, as well as regions where it is not accepted so widely.

North America is still divided regarding blockchain technology: one part of the banks is still exploring the cryptocurrency options, while the other one is ready to start providing cryptocurrency accounts. As well, while older people are more careful with new technologies, younger generation is purchasing cryptocurrency very willingly.

Western Europe is very willing to accept cryptocurrency in all life walks, both politically and socially. In some countries like Switzerland, bitcoin can be purchases practically everywhere, while in some there are still warnings about being more careful with cryptocurrency. In Germany, for example, banks representatives warned against too much trust with bitcoin, though they recommended local cryptocurrency instead.

Analysts agree though that Russia is one of the biggest cryptocurrency players in European and Asian space, moreover, Russia is willing to adopt cryptocurrency officially in 2018.

Doubts are there, but the trend is evident: more and more countries are willing to adopt cryptocurrency, and it is just the matter of time when it is to happen.


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