Cryptocurrency Regulation in Russia is Coming!

News is coming in the cryptocurrency regulation in Russia. After the official meeting of Putin with financial regulators a decision was made to introduce the official regulation of cryptocurrency mining and turnaround.
Anton Siluanov, Russian finance minister, explained the situation that resulted from the meeting of V.Putin on cryptocurrencies and financial technologies with the main Russian financial regulators. He noted also, that the representatives and the management of central bank were present there as well.
There were no specific details revealed about how the regulation shall work, or what exactly and how it shall regulate the cryptocurrency turnaround and mining, but it was agreed that the regulation shall be accepted and be valid nationally, and all procedures with cryptocurrency shall be state-regulated.
The only detail that is got to know, that the Finance Ministry has proposed to introduce the limits on the maximum sum that individuals can purchase. For now, two limit values are in question: the one of 100, 000 rubles, and 600,000 rubles limit is also considered, though for sure, nothing is known whether it will be introduced and how the regulation will work, but the regulation shall be accepted till the end of this year.

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