Some Cryptocurrency Ventures Promise Token Rewards.

Some cryptocurrency ventures promise token rewards to all users who invests in their tokens. Wow how nice – you may think. Though… If an investor has a token that has some value plus it is rewarding the investors just for the fact that the investor bought it… it definitely creates prerequisites for artificial jeopardy and unpredictable consequences.
The main problem is that ventures launch tokens that initially have no value, at all. nor value neither function. They are there just for raising some money, and, most likely, disappear, vanish to nowhere.
The main difference of reward tokens from cryptocurrency tokens is that cryptocurrency tokens can be exchanged for smth, while reward tokens basically do not exist. They are just the speculation of developers and owners. On what depends then if the tokens will have some value? On the company policy, marketing campaign and success. If not, tokens will stay just tokens.

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