Cryptojacking Is Included in the List of Crypto Threats: News from the UK

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released a report that has changed the status of cryptojacking. This report analyses how the nefarious cyber activity has influenced the economy of the country within some years.

Let us remind that cryptojacking is a kind of hacker attack, when the hacker is utilizing somebodies computer for cryptocurrency mining. No need to mention that such use is illegal. The only possible way to see that the device is cryptojacked is that the computer slows down. Considering that the interest to cryptocurrency is growing, the regulator believes, for a reason, that cryptojacking may become a common way for many hackers and website owners. Most cases of cryptojacking are done by criminals, while some website owners use special plugins and use the CPU power of the computers of their visitors. Some developers are even going to add anti-crypto mining to their browsers.

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