Cryptojacking: Some Mining Apps Are Still in Google Play Store

Recent reports inform that there are still some cryptomining apps in Google Play Store. Despite the announced ban, some of them are still there.

On 27th of July Google banned all cryptomining apps from its store. The main information that the company provided to users and officials is that they don’t want any mining apps on devices. The company allowed developers a 30-day period to make sure they will manage to bring their apps in a complete compliance with the new requirements.

The given period is over, but some apps are still there. For now, there were found eight apps and only three of them are removed.

This month, Google has reported an Ethereum scam app on Google Play. The app was offered to be purchased for around 388USD. The main idea was to make people buy the app, which, they would believe, was the Ethereum coin.

Previously, Google removed some mining extensions from Chrome Web Store after they had been reported to have malicious cryptojacking extensions.


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