Cryptopia Is Hacked:Truth or Scam?

Cryptopia, a cryptocurrency exchange from New Zealand, reports about a recent hack. This is one of the biggest exchanges in New Zealand and the only one that has released a token tethered to New Zealand dollar. The platform is dealing with more than 800 crypto-assets, yearly trade volumes are not disclosed to public.

Now, the exchange reported a hack that led to significant losses. The governmental bodies and the police have been notified and the investigation is in the process.

Some users however doubt if they could really trust the announcement about the hack. There were tweet stating that this hack seems to be very suspicious, considering, that smaller cryptoexchanges are struggling now, trying to make ends meet. They send thousands of mails to everybody involved in cryptocurrency projects in a hope to get more users and to manage themselves somehow with those subscription fees that the new users should pay.

Some users however went further with their statements. Allegedly Cryptopia moved some assets to Ethereum. The transaction sum is around some million of dollars, and the transaction itself was made just before the hack was announced. So, both users and some specialists suspect that this was a scam move that would enable the crypto-exchange get closed without need to make payouts to its users.

The investigation is still in process, and Cryptopia is still operating.

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