CryptoRuble – New Digital Currency Is Feasible?

New cryptocurrency is on its way. Russia has already announced that they are going to introduce the regulation on cryptocurrency. This memorable even has to happen till the end of this year. Moreover, Russia is going to introduce the own cryptocurrency – “CryptoRuble”, according to local news sources. The meeting on the introduction of the Russian cryptocurrency was shared by Minister of Communication Nikolay Nikiforov.
The main difference of the Russian cryptocurrency from the others will be the mining, or rather its absence. The state currency cannot be mined, it will be issued and controlled by authorities. Moreover, the Russian cryptocoins could be easily exchanged for Russian roubles, and if the owner cannot provide official explanations where he took the cryptomoney from, he will have to pay 13% or tax for that. The same tax will be applied for the difference earned from the purchase and sale price.
Anyway, the fact that Russia is accepting the cryptocurrency, it doesn’t mean that the country is going to be completely cryptocurrency-friendly, as we already see. Moreover, it was Putin who has called to the ban of all digital currencies in the country. Now, when Russia announced about the possible introduction of CryptoRuble, the contradiction has become even more evident.

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