Cryptotrading Platform Launches a New Experience for Beginners: Arbitrage Trading Software

Arbitao is a London based startup that has already surprised the users around the world. Recently it has introduced its new platform for so-called arbitrage trading. The basics are the same as for the traditional trading, and arbitrage trading includes buying and selling assets to make profit. The platform is available for advanced users and for native traders.

The platform has been tried and tested since 2017, and now, it is ready to be released for the international users. As the startup explains, a lot of ICOs have no ready products and, most likely, will never have. Arbitao, however, aims to deliver a complete and tested product ready to use.

The team of the startup is located in a London and Moscow Offices, and the outsourcing comes up to Shanghai.

For now, the platform compares prices of 19 currencies and leverages the user`s investments and is able to provide useful information needed for profitable trades execution. For now, the main challenge is to make the platform useful for those users who aren’t experienced in trading and allow them compete against experienced traders.

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