CyrptoRouble – Sanctions Are Over With It!

Russia has very dubious attitude to cryptocurrency in general. But the own currency looks like something not just acceptable but even wished.
Sergei Glazyev, economic adviser of Putin, claims that Cryptorouble would eliminate the pressure from West, imposed by sanctions against Russia. Even though the issue of state cryptocurrency, that would be completely regulated and backed up by the state, is still under a question, it is becoming more and more viable. For now though, the works on that have been done for more than 5 years already.
Qiwi, the Russian payment system, has already supported the idea, insisting on the creation of BitRouble – this shall be the name of the cryptocurrency. A working group is created and has been working on this task for more than a year already as well. How it goes? Well, Russian national cryptocurrency could be a solution to many problems, if it is introduced and managed properly. Even traditionally technophobic Kremlin admits that.

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