Deloitte, a Consulting Firm, Believes, That Those Companies That Don’t Use Blockchain, Risk to Stay Behind

Audit and consulting firm Deloitte has issued a report where it insists, that those companies that don’t use the blockchain technology, will fall behind. The blockchain technology is going to become a crucial asset very soon, and the impact of the technology is going to be huge.
The blockchain is going to be a standard operational technology that will penetrate in all business and entertainment fields. According to the report, the next five years will be the period when the blockchain will be entering in all businesses, and all businesses shall consider that. Those who don’t consider the blockchain investment, are seriously risking to fall behind.
The blockchain system can reduce costs of products and services, hence, the customer will be the who will profit from that. Deliotte believes, that the blockchain technology can eliminate those pain point in the industry that are present there now: trackability, traceability, compliance, and so on. So, the blockchain is the future technology of any kind of business – consider it if you are managing any.

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