Deutsche Bank Institutional Trader and Japanese Crypto Startup

A formed trader of Deutsche Bank has joined a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange startup FXcoin Ltd.

Yasuo Matsuda was an institutional trader from Deutsche Bank, and now, he is going to join the mentioned cryptocurrency exchange company as a senior cryptocurrency strategist. He will be the one who will plan the main activities of the company. His position duties include the providing of the analysis of the market of the cryptocurrency and making daily reports on the activities in the market.

Matsuda is 49 years old, and previously, he was working as a foreign-exchange dealer for the German bank. He used to take that position from 2012 until June this year.

FXCoint Ltd was founded in September previous year. Now, the company is actively working on getting the approval from Japanese financial regulator, the Financial Service Agency. For now, the startup applied to exchange such cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, under the licensing system that was adopted previous year.

The FXCoin founder Tomoo Onishi is a former employee of Deutsche Bank, as well. He had worked there for more than 12 years before he moved to the own venture.

It is surprising how many institutional employees the company attracted. But this is not the final yet. The CEO Tomoo Onishi has already announced, that now the company is doing all that it can to get the approval, and as soon as this milestone is made, the company is going to hire five more people from different financial institutions.

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