Digital Advertising Fraud – Can Blockchain Help?

Digital advertising is a relatively new way to earn money, via views. Though, where there is a way to get money, there are cases of fraudulent behaviour. In this case, the number of views has been artificially increased with the application of bots.
CoinClear, the company that powers the buying and selling of media in real-time mode, has announced, that they have found out how to solve the problem of bot views.
The solution is the blockchain, with its technology that prevents double-spending. If double-spending can be prevented, why then it is impossible to do the same with double-viewing?
A ledger that makes the difference between real impression and a fake one
The company has developed a ledger that is able to differentiate between a real view and a fraudulent view. This can be a great solution for companies who pay for the views or who sell and buy online.
This technology will be available widely. It will have a simple user interface, so that everybody who deploys it can use it without complications. The company has been working with big advertising corporations, so, it hopes to make their solution popular and demanded mostly based on recommendations rather than from advertising it.

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