Digital Australian Dollar – to Be or not to Be?

Several startups in Australia submitted in the Australia`s central bank and Federal Treasury use-cases for the state regulated Australian dollar introduction. The startups, – FlashFX, AgriDigital, Othera, – are exercising pressure on the Reserve Bank of Australia to launch the “Digital Australian Dollar”, which would be tied directly with the state Australian dollar and set up a new stage in the development of blockchain technology.
FlashFX, which is based in Sydney, is practically the first company that has got the licence for financial operations performing in cryptocurrency.
AgriDigital is the operator of the supply chain that makes transactions between farmers and buyers simpler and faster. Based on the suggestion of its co-founder, Emma Weston, it shall enable payments to be made 24/7.
The third startup company, Othero, is managing loans via blockchain. Hence, we can conclude that this field is well developed in Australia, only the national state currency is missing.


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