The End of Bitcoin? Has Bitcoin Reached the End of Its Era?

November 16th was expected to be a hard turn for bitcoin, if not apocalypse at all. More than 80% of miners were supporting the 2MB, and most exchanges supported the block size increase, or at least that was the situation at the start, when they were signing the agreement.
Though much of Bitcoin users and developers were against the new formation, as it had to bring disruption into the bitcoin system.
If we take the SegWit2x scenario, then, after SegWit, it would be impossible to determine what is the real bitcoin chain. Investors though, those who haven’t been informed properly, believed, that SegWit would bring them free coins. That is why the bitcoin price was growing with immense speed.
2MB though would cause a huge confusion, first of all among investors and those who own bitcoin, causing fund losses and insecurity, as no user protection is available in such case.
Bitcoin though has reached its limit. Users don’t find anymore acceptable transaction fees and scalability in bitcoin, and with such, the best way for a huge investor is to leave. Many will do so.
Meetings are full of newcomers, of those who are cheering each other for buying the first 0,1 BTC, as they are expecting huge revenues very soon. Though, they may lose all. as, when the coin grows in price, huge investors stay aside waiting when they can sell it.


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