Estonia and National Currency: to Be or not to Be?

Estonia has announced recently about its plans to launch the national cryptocurrency, however the plan is far from being brought into the reality for now.
Estcoin is not likely to be launched in the nearest future. The decision change is the consequence of the criticism of the director of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, and local authorities.
The managing director of the Estcoin project offered to launch the project in August this year. Estcoin should have evolved into a digital national currency with all consequences. Moreover, the cryptocurrency should have been an incentive for foreigners who use the Estonian currency, they could sign documents and found companies remotely.
there was a statement issued as well, that Estcoin shall be just a currency inside of e-community, not a national cryptocurrency. However, these misunderstandings and misinterpretations have led to criticism from the side of Mario Draghi and a number of management representatives of European major banks.

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