Ethereum Classic Reshapes Network Protocol – Mining Will Stay Viable

Ethereum Classic has implemented a network upgrade, which is directed to keep mining viable. The fork has eliminated difficulties of the so-called “Difficulty Bomb”. This bomb is one of the components of the Ethereum code. The main task of this code part was to make the mining procedures more complicated after the coin number reaches 5,900,000. The mining processes after that should have become too slow to be profitable. Hence, mining would, most likely, not practiced anymore.
The period was called the “Ethereum Ice Age” as after this, mining would stop. Previous year however Ethereum postponed the difficulty bomb, as the entire infrastructure was moving to the PoS, which should have given more options to Ethereum and its users.
The new protocol will not result in a new token or a new kind of cryptocurrency. However, the new protocol could allow the ETC to inherit a significant part of the mining hashpower of ETH. There is one more thing to consider. Recently, a Brazilian developer calculated, that it will cost 55 mln USD to hack the Ethereum network to get 1 bln profit, so, the PoW algorithm is more vulnerable to a 51% attack that it was believed. This is one more concern to solve.

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