Ethereum Hard Fork Has Consensus Issues during Testing

The planned hard fork of Ethereum, called Constantinople, has shown to be unusable. The Tweet was shared by the blockchain infrastructure company called Infura.

The tweet also advises developers to use different testing networks, while the Ethereum community is investigating the issue.

The hard fork became active on the Ropsten testnet on the 13th of October with the block of 4,230,000.

The testing caused a consensus issue on ropsten, which was the cause for twits that there will be no Constantinople 2018, as the developers have to investigate the issue and to perform the tests once more.

For now, users will not be able to activate and use any constantinoples this year, if the issue continues or if there are any other issues discovered. The next scheduled discussion of the topic should be on Friday, on the 19th of October this year.

The Constantinople was created to update the Ethereum system and to increase the efficiency of the network.

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