Ethereum: New Hard Fork Coordinator Wanted

A new hard fork coordinator is wanted by the core developers in the Ethereum community. This after the former coordinator, Afri Schoedon, quit the open-source project. A specialist is sought to take his place.
In February, Afri Schoedon took to social media to praise another blockchain project called Polkadot. Many Ethereum developers questioned the loyalty of Schoedon, and some even called him out as the “Judas” of Ethereum on social media.
These incidents precipitated his departure. Now, in a meeting that took place last Friday, March 1, the developers in the Ethereum community discussed the problem and defined the role of the candidate that will help to coordinate major software upgrades.
The Ethereum Foundation community relations manager, Hudson Jameson, stated that the role consists of taking decisions on hard days for submitting Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) for consideration, as well as their implementation and testing.
However, the Ethereum core developers agreed that the role of hard fork coordination could be split between various specialists.
In fact, a number of individuals in the Ethereum community have already proposed themselves as candidates. For that reason, Jameson indicated, a group of Ethereum volunteers called the “Ethereum Cat Herders” will have the responsibility to evaluate all the applications.

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