Ethereum Proof-of-Authority Algorithm from Windows

The new algorithm introduced for ethereum by Windows, will supposedly allow building decentralized apps (DApps) more efficiently. Moreover, they will enable creating consortium networks where all participants are known.

A proof-of-work protocol already exists in Azure, but the new proof-of-authority protocol is based on a different principle: the principle of approved identities in the blockchain.

The new product has already a number of features that not only ensure its security, but provide the needed functionality level.

Each member in the system has redundant consensus nodes, but no two nodes can carry the same identity.

The system is mainly developed to support smart contracts and gives the users an opportunity to write smart contracts in a language the users understand, even though they might be simpler than the existing programming language that is used for the blockchain: Solidity is its name.

Even if the virtual machine is off or down, the system provides the identity protection function, thanks to the feature that new nodes can spin and replace the identities of the previous nodes.

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