Europe Is for Crypto: What about Poland?

Poland has never been noticed in the list of countries that fight against cryptocurrency, on contrary, it looked like the country was embracing the new, the crypto-money.
Though, there was published some information, that all is not so simple as it looked. The National Polish Bank has launched a campaign that has nothing similar in the history of cryptocurrency. The bank paid some Youtubers about 21,000USD to influence on the willingness of Polish citizens to buy the cryptocoins and to use them in general.
This move was called “Educational campaign” and was directed to supposedly teaching about the dangers of using cryptocurrency.
Poland has never shown any negative attitude to cryptocurrency. There were statements of politicians, like “if the currency isn’t forbidden, then it is allowed”. They also were insisting that neither bitcoin now other crypto-coin can be a legit currency though. This latest campaign showed the situation from a completely different side.
The Polish Bank`s move though shows nothing but the evident fact: cryptocurrency is growing in popularity, to such extend, that the cryptocurrency and the blockchain started posing a danger to banking system, so, banks are making efforts to discriminate the new financial phenomenon.

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