FedEx Is Partnering with Pharmacy: Blockchain For Medicine Distribution

The FedEx Institute of Technology has announced about its partnership with Good Shepherd Pharmacy, a pharmacy services company, in the development of a blockchain infrastructure. The new infrastructure should help the cancer patients to receive their medicines.

The FedEx Institute is an organization that deals with the promoting of research in the emerging and new technologies. It collaborates with the research infrastructure of the university of Memphis. The university launched the research infrastructure just in February this year, and its main target is to make the university a leading institution in the country and later, one of the leading in the world.

Good Shepherd Pharmacy, a Memphis based company, recognized the blockchain technology as a good means to retrieve the medicines that haven’t been used by cancer patients and send those medicines to those patients who cannot afford them due to poor economic conditions.

The ledger, which is secure and transparent, would allow a safe and reliable distribution of the medicines.

For now, the institution is planning an event to attract the attention of blockchain specialists and developers to the project and to discuss the details.

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