The First Blockchain Government in the World: Dubai

For little bit more than 50 years Dubai has managed to transform itself from a desert into one of the most amazing and modern cities in the world, with more than 2,7 mln people. And yes, this is the city that takes technology seriously. The city administration has announced, that this year there will be flying taxis in the city, and Dubai even showed the first Robocop prototype.
The city is developing according to the plan, this is already clear.
Life in desert is very challenging, and Dubai has had made great efforts in importing water, developing infrastructure, turning itself into a leading centre of welfare and healthcare, education, tourism – all fields of life.
It is not surprising though that attracting investments would be interesting for the city as well, and new way of financing now is in projects connected with cryptocurrency.
Dubai Internet City, Dubai Smart City are the innovative projects that attracted plenty of tech-giants to work in the city and to bring there the most innovative ideas and offers. It is as well not surprising that the next step would be connected with blockchain – Dubai intends to create a system that would simplify payments, such as for transportation, accommodation, etc., in cryptocurrency. EmCash, the new platform, as well as the new Dubai cryptocurrency, would be definitely a new step in blockchain technology development, and we are sure, that this project will be implemented according to the plan as well.


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