Future of Cryptocurrency – Will Bitcoin Keep Leadership?

Matthew Goetz, a cofounder of a digital currency hedge fund BlockTower Capital, compares cryptocurrency with the internet.

Why so?

Let us recall that in 1990 the internet still was unavailable for the most of users, while within some years it became an inseparable part of our lives. That was a disruptive technology, and investing in it at that time was very risky, while now those who have been investing are in a huge advantage.

The same with cryptocurrency, bitcoin in particular. Nowadays, it can be called a disruptive technology as well, and for now, it is not available and not clear to many users. While in some years, maximum a decade, it can change our perception of money.

Regarding the most popular currency, the bitcoin, Matthew believes that it may or may not stay a leading cryptocurrency in future. For now, it has a very safe protocol, doesn’t charge much fee, but this is just a software. And who knows if in a year or two nobody will develop an advanced technology that would leave bitcoin far behind.

For now though bitcoin is not only the most expensive digital currency with the value 4400 USD, but also the most popular and the most accepted one. There are more than one hundred or digital currencies circulating now, but users may even not know all of them. There are options though that one day one of them, or a newly developed one, will become leaders in this race, and how knows when and how it would happen and what currency that would be.

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