Get Into a Debt to Buy Bitcoin – Is It Reasonable?

Some people got so excited about the recent bitcoin news, that they are eager to buy bitcoins now – by all means. Yes, digital coins aren’t cheap now, but that fact doesn’t stop potential “investors” who are willing to sell their cars, to put their houses for mortgage to buy bitcoin.
Joseph Borg, president of the North American Securities Administrator Association, doesn’t believe ins such investments, due to high cryptocurrency volatility, they are simply too risky.
Moreover, such trends can cause the project to collapse even though otherwise it could be successful.
The first talks about the bitcoin bubble started when it reached the price of 1,000USD. Though, the coin resisted and even has grown in price since then.
Can it be a usual bubble scenario or something that can change the financial world completely? Real investors believe they have made the right investment. Though those who get into a debt to buy digital coins, may cause bitcoin collapse.

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