Goldman Sachs CEO: ‘No Conclusion’ on Bitcoin Yet

A day after it was accounted for that Money Road investment goliath Goldman Sachs is measuring whether to dispatch a bitcoin exchanging operation, its powerful President took to Twitter to voice an open – yet emphatically nonpartisan – position on the cryptocurrency.

“Still thinking about bitcoin,” CEO Lloyd Blankfein wrote on the social media platform, going on to say that he wasn’t giving his approval or disapproval.

Goldman Sachs CEO: 'No Conclusion' on Bitcoin Yet
Goldman Sachs CEO: ‘No Conclusion’ on Bitcoin Yet

Refering to sources with learning of the exertion, the Money Road Diary announced yesterday that Goldman is in the beginning times of making an exchanging operation particularly designed for cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, it’s not clear as of now if the investment bank will proceed with the arrangement. Blankfein made no say of that report in his tweet.

His remarks remain in contrast with those from kindred Money Road managing an account Chief Jamin Dimon of JPMorgan Pursue, who has stood out as truly newsworthy as of late for his presentation that, in his view, bitcoin is a fake.

Other enormous bank administrators like Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman have adopted a more measured strategy, with Gorman expressing before the end of last month that he supposes bitcoin is “more than a prevailing fashion.”

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