Goldman Sachs: Cryptomania isn’t good, or threats for 2018 outlook

Bicton mania and cryptocurrency mania are two of the main six factors that threaten the financial stability in 2018, – this is what Goldman Sachs believes. Bitcoin and cryptomania will, based on the opinion of the Goldman Sachs investment group, affect the market outlook for 2018 enormously, if not change it completely.

Other factors include such global issues like terrorism, populism, increase in geopolitical tensions, threat of cyberattacks, increase in their number and complexity.

The bank expects, that the cryptocurrency will continue declining in price, because it doesn’t perform any of the three roles of the traditional currency. Crypto is neither an exchange medium, nor the measurement unit, nor the value store. Moreover, it is highly unstable, and this is adding to those risk factors that already exist.

The bank however believes that such a decline should not influence the global market, as the crypto takes just 0.3% or the world GDP.

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