Google Is Going to Reverse Crypto Ad Ban for Some Exchanges

Google, the USA tech giant, is going to introduce some updates in the ad policy accepted in October previous year, in particular, policy regarding the ads about cryptocurrency and all related topics.

The company made an official announcement about it on the 25th of September.

Now, Google will allow some exchanges that have all proper documentation to use the Google Adwords platform to post ads targeted to the USA and Japan located users.

The advertisers will have to be certified with Google for the country for which they are going to place their ads.

As we remember, all ads connected with any activity related to cryptocurrency, have been banned by Google as unfair and troubling.

Google was insisting that it was protecting customers from fraudulent activities, such as ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges services, cryptocurrency wallets and all cryptocurrency related activities and devices.

Other tech giants, like Facebook and Twitter, have made similar moves, however, Facebook has already reverted some categories of bans.

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