Hacked Coincheck Takes Measures: Four Anonymity-Focused Altcoins Are Removed from the Exchange

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, that has been hacked recently, announced, that it will remove from the servicing four altcoins that prioritize anonymity: Monero, Dash. Zcash and Aufur.
The exchange has officially announced about the removal of the above mentioned altcoins, they will be removed on the 18th of June this year. This measures are going to be taken in order to comply with counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering acts, and this is the requirement of the Japanese Financial Regulator.
Since Coincheck has lost about 532 mln USD in NEM, the financial regulator have become active in regulating domestic exchanges. Mainly, the regulation is directed to customer protection and funds security. Moreover, local exchanges will impose restrictions on altcoins traded anonymously, like the above mentioned ones. They are more difficult to trace, hence, they are more often used for terrorism financing and money laundering. The targeted currencies are going to be sold and converted to Japanese currency.
The company that purchased Coincheck, Monex Inc, has revealed the plans to extend the exchange to the US and European markets. That has many reasons, among which are clearer regulation and more positive attitude to cryptocurrencies.

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