Huawei Applied for a License – Blockchain-Based Smartphone Introduction Is Expected

Huawei, one more Chinese based company, believes in the Blockchain technology. The tech giant is planning to introduce to the market a new kind of smartphone – a blockchain based smartphone. It should support the DApp, or Decentralized Applications.
For now, the company has applied for a license from the open source OS SIRIN OS, which was developed by SIRIN Lab, a Swiss based company that works on the development of blockchain technologies.
Huawei is planning to apply the SIRIN OS on Android systems, which are now the most widely used in the world. Officially, the companies haven’t made any announcements yet. Their representatives agreed, that the companies` representatives have had a meeting in February this year, but they don’t reveal any details of the meeting yet.
SIRIN Lab was established back in 2014 and is working with development of blockchain based phones and crypto-wallet and crypto-exchange platform. The company has managed to raise about 100 mln USD during 24 hours from the sale of their tokens: a fact that tells a lot about its perspectives. So, it is not surprising, that the Chinese tech giant is interested in collaboration.

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