Hyperledger Exec and Its Influence on Tech Giants

The Hyperledger director Brian Behlendorf insists that the blockchain technology is expected to perform a huge influence on the tech giants from Silicon Valley, such as Google, for example.
The new way of technological development will not be shaped by Silicon Valley companies, but by a new technology. The smartest and the biggest companies, like Google, Facebook and Amazon will definitely pick up the blockchain technology, as they understand their perspectives with it and without it. However, the core of the blockchain technology shall diminish their market power as well. Let`s remember only the fact, that the blockchain is decentralized.
Hyperledger isn’t concentrated on a cryptocurrency or ICO market. It is concentrated on applying the blockchain technology for the market in general, all its fields. That is why, the influence will be massive and will, probably, change the market and its forces forever.

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