International Bankers Believe, that Cryptocurrency Poses no Danger to Financial Stability

International banks representatives and other financial officials believe that there are no risks to financial systems connected with cryptocurrency. As well, according to their opinion, cryptocurrency doesn’t pose any danger to a financial system of any country.

On the contrary, the FSB, an international agency that consists of 68 local institutions, regulators, ministries of finance and so on, published a document called “Crypto-asset markets: Potential channels for future financial stability implications”, where their findings about cryptocurrency are indicated

According to the report, the bank officials don’t see any dangers in any cryptocurrency. The total market capitalization reaches barely 2% from the total market capitalization, so, there is no way cryptocurrency can influence the market in any possible way.

However, there are warnings about the possible manipulations with the prices of cryptocurrencies. There is a number of factors that make crypto-assets vulnerable.

As well, it was indicated, that there are some issues in the crypto-market, among the most significant ones are investor protection.

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