Investment Firm Doesn’t Have Anything to Do with Bitman IPO


Temasek is a Singapore-based investment company. It was announced by the local media, that it was involved in the Bitmain Initial Public Offering. There was released an official statement where there was indicated the same.

The latest media report informed, that Temasek was one of the main investors of the Bitman funding round. The investment of Temasec reportedly was equal to 560 million USD.

However, recently the administration of Temasek has released a statement, where it denies any involvement with the cryptocurrency mining giant IPO. They insists, that Temasek not only hast invested anything, but that there were no discussions about it. That’s why, all news about their involvement with IPO is completely false.

Why it has happened?

It was reported, that Bitmain claimed to attract the major investors, and hence, the company was able to collect 15 mln USD just in the beginning of August. One of the announced investors was the Chinese tech giant Tencent, another one was DST Global, and even Japan`s SoftBank was in the list.

However, SoftBank has already released official statements in which the company completely denies the participation in the mentioned IPO. As well, there are doubts about DST Global participation, as there were already anonymous reports, that the company has nothing to do with the mentioned IPO.

According to Hong Kong media, Tencent has also never participated, however, the company itself has neither denied nor confirmed the news.


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